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Author / Blogger / YouTube / Twitter / Op-Ed Columnist
A’Dorn Studios, CEO / Political Critic / Culture Critic
Award-winning short film producer and  casting Director
Former: SAG-AFTRA EEOC Diversity Committee Member
Former: SAG Modeling School and Talent Agency owner
Former: Court Stenographer




Wanda Dorn is Chief Facilitator (CFO), at A'Dorn Studios, formerly A'Dorn Studios Modeling School and Talent Agency.......  (Resume Being updated.......)


Bridge the racial divide is what Wanda did more than forty years ago when she became the first "Colored" Stewardess for one of the major airlines, and one of the first Black models.  She worked at Playboy Clubs International when it was located in Chicago.  Always a pioneer, a chance taker, coursing uncharted territories many young Black women in the 60's were not yet allowed or were afraid to go, she began her career evolution at age sixteen in Chicago where she attended modeling school, and won a scholarship for dress designing.


Wanda began teaching and training in the mid '70's, teaching modeling at "John Robert Powers", and "Marnee Jones" modeling schools.  This led her to open her own modeling school and talent agency, franchised by "Screen Actors Guild" (SAG), and "American Federation of Television and Radio Artists" (AFTRA) - the first Black to receive such an honor from the S.F. Chapter.  Currently, serves on the National Diversity "Ethnic Employment Opportunity Committee" of SAG, and was Founding Chairperson of their first Black Diversity Panel.......


 ......Resume continues with Etiquette and new Bio information......




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A'Dorn Studios
"School Without Walls"
P. O. Box 500643
ATLanta, GA 31150
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Wanda's Resume is under "re-construction" and being updated!

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